To achieve exceptional results for our clients, building and implementing effective tactics and initiatives are essential, however, creating overarching integrated business, branding, marketing and sales strategies first is imperative.

Business, Branding, Marketing and Sales Strategy Results

Some of our integrated business, branding, marketing and sales strategies have driven the following results:

  • 150% annual revenue growth (Investment Backed Mortgages)

  • 24% increase in overall B2C revenue (Kent Removals & Storage)

  • 18.7% increase in overall revenue (Kent Storage)

  • 133% increase in customer lifetime revenue (Kent Storage)

  • 21% increase in profit (Kent Storage)

  • 85% increase in profit (Adventure Flyfishing Co.)

  • 235% increase in gross sales (Adventure Flyfishing Co.)

  • 17% avg YoY increase in gross sales (Leadership Management Australasia)

  • 170% avg YoY increase in franchise sales (Leadership Management Australasia)

  • 190% increase in internet-generated sales (Kent Removals & Storage)

  • 103% increase in storage sales conversion (Kent Storage)

  • 67% increase in insurance sales conversion (Kent Storage)

  • 27% improvement in customer service (Kent Storage)

  • 126% improvement in online reputation (Kent Removals & Storage)

  • 106% decrease in customer acquisition and conversion cost (Kent Storage)

  • 38% decrease in cost per lead (Kent Storage)

  • 34% decrease in cost per lead (Kent Removals & Storage)

  • 65% decrease in overheads (Adventure Flyfishing Co.)

  • 23% decrease in cost-of-goods (Adventure Flyfishing Co.)

  • 95% ‘Employer of Choice’ rating (Kent Storage)

  • $720M of mortgages written Y1, yielding $4.1M of trailing income, followed by $1.8B of mortgages written Y2, yielding $9.75M of trailing income (Investment Backed Mortgages)